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Thermal Hot Springs in Caldera

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Monday, 18 June 2007 10:18
  After revising a wealth of tour information posted at the Isla Verde cabins where I spent my two nights in Boquete, clinic it was quickly decided that the Caldera Thermal Hot springs and Petroglyph tour would be our best bet - based solely on the happy faces of the beer-totting bathers in the picture. When I called the tour company, a friendly woman answered all my questions in English, with the final agreement that we would pay $50 for two people for the tour which was to include an open-bed truck ride to the springs, park entrance and refreshments.   The truck, which looked like a jeep in front with 4 narrow rows of high-backed padded seats lining the open truck bed, pulled up to our hotel at exactly 2p.m. Introductions were made between us and the guide and driver, and we were off to pick up a second group of tour-goers. The wind in our faces felt pleasant as we made our way through a half of Boquete we had not yet seen to pick up a couple from Atlanta, Georga and their three sons. Once they all filed in, we were off.

The first portion of our ride was quite an adventure. After five minutes of enjoying the beautiful scenery along the road, the rain started pouring down on us. Our guide passed out huge sailor's raincoats, and we all huddled into our chairs, quickly giving up on the idea of staying dry. Fifteen minutes later the rain let up, and the misty mountains came back into view. A few bikers going by sympathized with our bathtub on wheels while the majority of the town of Caldera laughed at us.

Our hopes for a good time heightened as we pulled up to a bar/disco. We were given the choice to go directly to the hot springs, or to check out the petroglyphs a short walk away. With thunder in the background, we set off through a cow pasture lined with fecal matter down to a river, along which were set huge volcanic rocks. When we looked closely, there were animal and unrecognizable designs, apparently similar to art that has been found in Hawaii. I was excited to recognize the shape of a monkey that was painted on the sun roof in our cabin.

After boarding the truck again and accepting a bottle of Atlas to entertain me for the remainder of the ride, it became apparent why a tour was necessary to get to the hot springs. We passed a sad group of Argentineans standing beside their Yaris staring at the wheels that had all but disappeared into the ruts of the road. After following the steep, rock laden mud road, we came to the stop at a look-out point, from where we would continue on foot. We were re-stocked with beer before heading down the 10-minute walk to the thermal hotsprings.

The scenery in this area was definitely unique. Between the three baths, a misty bright green field spread out with thin trees every two meters or so forming a premature forest with hot little streams cutting their way through to a large fresh water river, like the intricate canals in the gardens of old mosques. The actual springs were encircled with volcanic rocks so that they looked like little wells with side entrances. Some people speak of the healing powers of the hot springs, but if that was the case, our guide was not interested in sharing it with us. The shallow pools and hot temperatures kept us from staying very long, but the tour overall was memorable for the landscape and the downpour that made us join together in empathy and laughter.


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Caldera Hot Springs
written by Caldera Hot Springs , February 20, 2011
So glad you enjoyed your trip to Boquete and to the Hot Springs!
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