Jim's Land Exploration 2: Part I

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Wednesday, 05 April 2006 17:18

Day 1 ----------

Left Chepe 7:10AM arrived Paso Canos 2:00PM. Beautiful day all day, ambulance maybe the most tranquil trip yet. Border crossing 25 minutes, cialis sale so far every thing on schedule. Stopped in Volcan to chat with Orlando and his daughter Tehany, (Tahitian name) of Chiriqui Reality. The trip up to Volcan today was just supreme; I mean this area is absolutely beautiful. I can see my self doing something here.

Interesting thing about this advanced Panamanian culture. On the way down from Volcan in the distance I see a red spot and as I got closer I realized it was a red flag .There was a family walking a cow, a milk cow on the side of the road--one family member about 15 meters in front of the cow and another about 15 meters behind the cow carrying the oversized red flags. I just thought this to be so very cool. I really need someone ridding shotgun on these trips to get photos of things like I saw today. I also need someone walking in front of and behind me with those flags.

Day 2


Visited Boca Chica again but this time to see a new marina being built by some people called Bocabravadivers.

Bocabravadivers been there, done that. It was the same place I visited before. Haul outs only, small dock, ramp, not a good area.

While on the road to Boca Chica I saw the "'gone fishin'" sign in a Ford Excursion and stopped for a min and talked. They were on their way to David to hook up with a new Movistar system that connects your laptop to satellite internet. (Note to self; Check it out.) I stopped by anyway to see the advances and I gotta' tell ya, this place is kick ass, seriously. These people have a slam dunk.

On my way back stopped at Playa Grande: Small, 9.41 hectares. A shaved hair less than 25 acres. Advertising marina, I drove the entire project, 4X4-- WHERE WILL THE MARINA WILL GO????

Nice views, even for a small project I see potential, big potential. BUT AGAIN, WHERE WILL THE MARINA GO??? I CERTAINLY SAW NO PLACE FOR ONE.

There was a place near Playa Grande, yet I have no idea why their phone # was posted: nice place, good views-tennis court, pool: appears to have a few years as in age. Email me for pics.

Next stop Las Lajas. Very LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG beach. What? No exaggeration. And it's Dirty.It's like the playa Esterios in CR, just tooooooooooooooooooooooooooo damn long and boring, I visited Las Lajas about 3:00pm and the sun appeared was going down over the Pacific.

Santiago: I have eaten breakfast at The Hacendia hotel twice. This is my first time staying here though. The Panamanian owners are from Santiago but spent 10+ years in Mexico. Resturant, pool, front desk, and very Mexican-y rooms.

This is for sure the ONLY hotel I have stayed in Panama out of Panama City that has shampoo in the baths. With the general ambiance and restaurant here I would have absolutely NO problem on a two day tour hosting our clients here. The hotel is on the right side of the road. I'm at the pool and the sun is going down. BUT as much as I liked this hotel the faucets still are NOT installed properly; please people!

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