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Most farmers and those selling farmland do not use the traditional marketing channels for selling farmland in Panama, ampoule which means the key to identifying well-priced farmland is having a local scout in the area with contacts to the land owners, farming tenants, and syndicate developers. Panama Equity has those connections and always has a specialist available to assist in the search for quality farmland and farms for sale in Panama’s three specific farming zones.


As global food prices continue to rise, buy investors have begun to buy up massive parcels of producing farmland in areas all over the world. Panama farms for sale are still relatively inexpensive because the local ranchers and farmers are still farming the way their grandfathers did and still getting the same yields. Most are not using modern seed technology, soil therapy, crop rotation, etc. And why not? If you inherited the land for nothing or bought it 50 years ago for almost nothing?


Good cropland in America’s farm belt is currently selling for as much as $30,000 per hectare (2.47 acres). In most of these areas such as Iowa, Nebraska, and Illinois, the farmer yields one crop per year, with the rest of the year being too cold to plant. In Panama, crops are year-round and get between 2 to 3 rotations, and a few of our land scouts in selected areas of the country have identified over 20,000 hectares and counting of good farmland with prices starting at $10,000 per hectare.


Roughly 9% of Panama´s land is cultivated for farm use, with the primary agricultural exports being coffee, pineapple, melon, banana, fish, shrimp, and timber (mahogany and cedar). Of the top 20 products exported from Panama, more than 10 reported an increase this year based on records from the last 5 years, while other crops such as watermelons, onions, and rice are down drastically. Exportation from Panama is mostly to the United State and Europe, especially within the fruits sector. The export of agricultural products in Panama is over $700M per year, and there is definitely room for growth in the farming sector, especially for a well capitalized investor who has farm and ranching experience.


Products produced for local consumption comprise roughly 95% of the bread basket in Panama, including beef, chicken, pork, rice, tubers, onions, and tomatoes. Experts believe this segment is poised for a major realignment as producers either shift to more profitable crops or sell out to developers. The supply for producing farmland in Panama has dropped substantially over the last few years, and supporting the agricultural sector has recently become a national priority for the current administration. This means a renewed push for new trade alliances (similar to the recently approved Free Trade Agreements between Panama and the US and Canada), along with government sponsored subsidies, training, and access to loans that five years ago did not exist.


There are a number of different regions that have climates suitable for agriculture and still have Panama farms for sale. Between the District of Chorrera and the Province of Coclé (the two closest districts to Panama City), there are parcels and whole farms for sale that are ideal for cattle, pineapple, and timber, which is a particularly low maintenance product that generally provides longer term revenues, as opposed to the short growing cycle for products like pineapples.


Nurseries in Panama are another good use of farming land, and cater to the many developments in both the city and the interior of the country who are looking to develop new projects. Different varieties of palm trees and decorative plants are very popular in these areas, and the market is growing as new hotels and new residential developments move in to the area, due in part to the international airport in Rio Hato to be completed in 2014.

This article was contributed by Kent Davis of Panama Equity, a boutique real estate agency with Panama Farms for Sale in the interior and city regions of Panama.

Investing in and around Panama City has tended to be a game of the masses. Not unlike any developing market, pills one industry, in this case real estate, took the lead around 2005 and captured the attention of locals and foreigners alike, there overtimes overshadowing other niche markets. But as trends like investing in Punta Pacifica condos waxes and waned, so too did their value and ultimate ROI. Wake up and smell the alternatives people! Instead of looking to “the crowd” for investment advice, take the lead from several insider investment groups we canvassed for this report. These less-known areas within distance of Panama City have major promise. 

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Title Insurance PanamaTitle insurance in Panama, medicine while a relatively new industry, has made strides over the past few years in providing options to buyers who want full backup in case of any threat to their investment. The industry arose as a result of little history of documentation in Panama real estate and while title insurance is a service that foreigners are dependant upon, pills until only recently, there haven't been too many options in Panama. In just the past year, store there have been several cases, which highlight the need for title insurance in Panama, among them:
Panama real estateWhile tempted by the investment often, stuff my parents never sprung for a second or vacation home but rather opted to rent: a choice I was able to identify, even at the age of four, as second-best. We'd gather for down-home weeks at the beach, enjoying family, friends and great weather, but to me there was always an underlying feeling of greed and resentment knowing that the property wasn't really ours. There seemed to be a certain power to owning a second home, which I knew because several of my friends proudly exhibited it.
Panama CondosPanama Condos have been the center of attention in Panama City's real estate roar, sildenafil though with a glut of construction and development, sickness interest for many appears to be not in the current boom cycle but rather in the impending slowdown, recipe which is expected to decrease prices dramatically.
Panama RentalsAsk anyone who's searched, doctor or is searching for Panama rentals in the City and you're likely to get the same sort of face associated with trying to transport a morbidly obese woman by hand: it's a process akin to swallowing a whole pear.
commercial panama real estate(Panama City, sick Panama) Over the last year there's been a lot of speculation regarding what will happen to the residential real estate market in Panama, and I think it's fair to say no one really knows for sure. So in this moment of uncertainty, wouldn't it be nice to have a new and reliable real estate investment alternative in the capital city?
If there was a hair salon called “Confusing Panama Real Estate Jargon”, prescription would you get your hair cut in it? That's why we have broken down the types of land investment and terms that may at first hit you in the face like a blind sparrow. Things like title and right of possession aren't terms to be scared of; they should be your friends. Here, let me introduce you both...
We've gotten lots of inquiries regarding the suburb of Cerro Azul. After sorting out our own feelings, troche we consulted a real estate agency in Panama and got there honest opinions. Does Cerro Azul have potential for development? Will it ever come out of the rut it seems to be indeterminably stuck in?
Donald Trump is preparing to develop a 62 story hotel and apartment tower in the Punta Pacifica district of Panama City, sale Panama. Trump Ocean Club International will offer 300 hotel rooms, prescription 500 luxury apartments, a casino, sovaldi sale a full service spa, a yacht club, and a private beach on Isla Contadora. Panama property investment is getting pretty wild.
The construction on apartment buildings in Panama City is staggering. They're everywhere. Sometimes it's just that large billboard that has a photo of the to-be high rise and other times it's just a gutless concrete edifice. Either way, sovaldi this up-cropping of projects is soon to be joined by one of the biggest names in the biz. Donald Trump. Real estate for sale in Panama may never be the same again.