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Panama Investment Property: Spare Us The Cliche

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Written by Claire Saylor   
Monday, 18 June 2007 16:26

This is a plea to real estate agents and travel agencies alike. PLEASE pull out your thesaurus and spare us the cliché tropical dreamscapes and definitions used to lure investors to your sites. Panama property investment is great: but it's not PARADISE!

In a recent Google search, the phrase “own your piece of paradise” came up on 837 REAL web pages. “Own your OWN piece of paradise” trailed at 637 hits, while the combination of the terms “paradise” and “real estate” came in with over two million. Didn’t they teach you the art of differentiation? Did you think it was funny to place the two different uses of the word “own” into one sentence?

A couple months ago I was given the assignment of writing the text for a Real Estate agent’s website about Panama investment property. I take pride in reporting to you that the result was some 850 words – not one of them being paradise. However, it was in my research for that site that my disgust for the phrase blossomed like the sick feeling at the sight of a Teletubby.

Paradise is one big generalized, euphemistic, feel-good, empty concept that no human being can claim to have found. Do you really want to start all business relationships on a dishonest note?

I am only hoping to generate a little awareness. Maybe you constructed the site and absentmindedly misspelled paradox or parade, and should therefore be excluded from the results of my search. I have been living near the Pacific in Central America for almost a year and am currently writing about Panama investment property.

I have seen these properties. The beauty is only one branch of the paradise tree. The rest you cannot buy nor own. It’s not fair to materialize happiness and go sell a piece of land or a house while still being honest with your customers. I agree that Panama investment property has a lot of potential and may very well be the perfect place to call home, but I will also be real about the downsides.

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Refreshingly honest
written by Dr. Benjamin Igwe , July 07, 2007

I love Panama and have invested in a condo there. I love your realism which gives the serious investor aapropriate information without minimizing the truth about the beauty of the place and its people. Keep up the good work!
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