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Hair, Makeup, and Clothes in Panama

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Written by Pascale Schwander   
Monday, 21 July 2008 16:24
Panama ModelA new haircut, click makeup, and clothes can change 80% of what you look like. Some people would disagree with this high percentage but it is true. Mother nature can help a lot but pampering yourself is what makes the difference between the girl next door and the woman who walks into a room and everybody (women included) looks at her. Cindy Crawford was the girl next door back in her Georgia hometown.
Michelle Pfeiffer was a cashier before being a superstar. Not everybody will be the next Gisele Bundchen or Natalie Portman. But we don't have to. The world would be very boring if everyone was tall and beautiful, with white teeth and gorgeous hair. That would be boring after a while. Perfection is boring and old models look old like everybody else.

Most women I see use the wrong makeup, get the wrong haircut, and buy the wrong clothes. Why? Because most of us weren't born with taste, and some of us just don't care. Making you look better is not something superficial. It's something everybody wants deep inside. We are all made of desires.

All during our life we have different desires. Some of us want to be rich, successful, and well-traveled. Some want beauty, power, and freedom. But everybody has the desire to be loved and admired. Pampering yourself can bring you new opportunities and open a lot of doors – from your professional career to finding your special someone. As Mark Twain said, “the clothes make the man; naked people have no influence on society.”

This picture are a good example. The “after” shot was not retouched with Photoshop or any other software. It was shot in a studio with good light and a good photographer. We didn't cut the model’s hair and she is petite. The makeup techniques can be learned and the clothes are from an inexpensive Spanish brand called Mango, available at the Multiplaza.

I recommend that any woman take a makeup class to learn how to do your daily makeup and find a good hair stylist. It is worth it. Don't you think she looks very different from the before shot? Amazing what a hair styling, makeup and tasteful clothing can do.

Beauty is work and a way of life. We recommend you stay out of the sun (15 minutes in the sun is enough), drink water, eat fruit, yogurt, vegetables, exercise at least 30 minutes per day, moisturize your skin every morning and evening, don't smoke, don’t drink much alcohol, laugh a lot and be happy happy happy.

Makeover work for the modeling Agency Prestige Panama
Image consultant-stylist: Estilo Concept by Pascale Schwander Taylor
Photographer: Fernando Bocanegra
Makeup and hair stylist: Leo Agnew Baena
Production: One Way Productions Corp .
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All natural is the way to go
written by Jay , March 13, 2009
With all of the different types of make up being sold all over the world it is hard to know which one is safe enough to apply to your face. I have always used mineral make up and will continue to use them. Organic cosmetics are safe to use on any skin type as well as sensitive skin types. Do not poison your face one more time with chemicals and animal tested products.
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