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Best Panama Resorts

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Sunday, 27 August 2006 12:20
With a plethora of resorts throughout the entire country of Panama, sildenafil it has come to my attention that there are about four that are la cr�me de la cr�me. Intercontinental Playa Blanca, ampoule Gamboa Rainforest Resort, The Royal Decameron, and Playa Bonita all seem to be tourist's top favorites and everyone who has visited, only has good things to say. The best part of resorts is that everything you could ever need is at your fingertips. Whether you want a hearty breakfast, a guided tour for a local attraction, or a relaxing message in a comfortable environment, resorts can usually offer these to you in their very own backyard.

Best Resort Food in Panama: PLAYA BLANCA Resort

Resorts are always known to have good food, but Playa Blanca's buffet wins the Iron Chef.

� Location: The "dry arc" in Panama's Pacific Coast. The hotel is 1 hour and 15 minutes from Panama City and 1 hour and 35 minutes from Tocumen International Airport

� The three different restaurants that Playa Bonita has to offer, Plantation Café, Pelican Grill, and Light House Bistro, are all a treat. Plantation Café offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner, all buffet style, and each day of the week offers a different theme dinner. Monday: Panamanian, Tuesday: Mexican, Wednesday: Italian, Thursday: BBQ, Friday: Seafood, Saturday: Oriental, and Sunday: International. Pelican Grill is buffet style and serves great lunches and a la carte dinners. Light House Bistro is an a la carte restaurant on the beach, and it has a chef that cooks different dishes each day of the week including three cold entrees, three hot entrees, and three main dishes.

Panama Resort with the Best Daily Activities: Royal DECAMERON Panama

What are you going to do during day? It's more like what aren't you going to do during the day. Daaaaammmmnnn.

� Location: Playa Blanca, Farall�n, 90 minutes away from the Tocumen International Airport

� The best part of Decameron's daily activities is that a lot of them are free. Such activities as kayaking, windsurfing, paddleboats, snorkeling, sailboating, trips to an Indian village and a jungle, and morning walks to haunted houses are all included in the resort price. They have four adults pools, three children's pools, and three whirlpools that you can dip your toes in or whirl around like you are seven years old again. If you want to spend a little money you can sign up for jet-skiing, scuba diving, banana boating, mountain bike, 4x4 rental, or fishing for a small worthwhile fee. A tennis court and beach volleyball court are also on site, in addition to a kid's club, as well as pool tables. Dance classes and a variety of games are available during the day as well. And the casino is open 24 hours!!!

Best Panama Resort Bar: Royal DECAMERON Panama

You are on vacation. It's ok to have one Tom Collins.

� Location: Playa Blanca, Farall�n, 90 minutes away from the Tocumen International Airport

� When you book a room at the Decameron there is unlimited alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks included in the price. I repeat, when you book a room at the Decameron there is unlimited alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks included in the price. The Decameron has tons of bars and while they all have similar feels, they are all located on different spots on the beach. Oftentimes, the hotel is full, and you will be able to find your crowd if you search the bar scene well enough. If you are a smoker, single cigarettes are included as well.


Here you can practice your sidestroke, breaststroke, butterfly, front crawl, back

crawl, elementary backstroke, inverted breaststroke, and overarm sidestroke.

� Location: 2km of private beach on the Pacific Coast of Panama, overlooking the entrance of the Panama Canal, 20 min. west of Panama City and 40 min. from Tocumen International Airport

� An infinity pool that gives the impression of it extending endlessly, where the lower edge of the pool allows water to spill into another pool. The pools are surrounded by tall palm trees and a bridge that connects one side of the pool with the other. There is a cabana parallel to the pools where you can lounge and take a break from the beautiful Panama sun. The best part being that this pool is within feet of the Pacific Ocean and viewing distance of islands off into the ocean. You can literally sit in the pool and be able to watch boats enter the Panama Canal. The water itself can be dirty, but the pool makes up for it.

Best Eco-Activities at a Panama Resort: GAMBOA Rainforest Resort, Panama Nature's fun!

� Location: In the Soberania National Park, on the Panama Canal, 30 minutes away from Panama City.

� The Soberania National Park is a tropical rainforest where a vast diversity of flora, mammals, birds, insects and reptiles coexist in one of the world's most complete ecosystems, allowing the resort to offer a variety of tours. Aerial Tram, Ecological Exhibits, Chunga Chagres Trail, Kayaks, Kayaking on the Panama Canal, Pedal Boats, Monkey Island, Aquatic Tour on the Chagres River, Nocturnal Boat Tour, Radio Station Tour, Bird watching at the famous Pipeline Road, Fishing on Lake Gatun, Sunset Tour on the Chagres River or the Panama Canal, Tiger Island, and Las Cruces Trail are all of the tours that Gamboa has to offer. The fishing here is perhaps the best freshwater fishing in the country.

Best Panama Resort Location: Royal DECAMERON Panama

The three things that really matter: location, location, location.

� Location: Playa Blanca, Farall�n, 90 minutes away from the Tocumen International Airport

� Since the Decameron is located in the “Dry Arch” of Farall�n, Panama it allows for the most sunny days in the year. It is located on one of the best beaches that Panama has to offer with white sand beaches and crystal clear water. Finding a beach like this so close to the city, is so rare and wonderful and Panama's great roads make even a day trip out a pleasure.

Cheapest Panama Resort: Royal DECAMERON Panama

"The decrease in purchasing power incurred by holders of money due to inflation imparts gains to the issuers of money--." St. Louis Federal Reserve Bank, Review, Nov. 1975, p.22

� Location: Playa Blanca, Farall�n, 90 minutes away from the Tocumen International Airport

� Single: Child-$39 Adult-$79. Double: Child-$39 Adult: $109. Prices are subject to change. But let's say the went up by $5 a night, $10 a night, ummm... this is all-all-all inclusive.

Best Overall Panama Resort: Royal DECAMERON Panama

The Royal Decameron is bomb-diggity-what.

� The Decameron Resort has everything that you could want in a resort at a very reasonable price. Seriously. It's pretty much the total package and if you are looking for a big resort with lots of fun people and a great atmosphere, this is the place to be.

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Vote of Confidence
written by J. King in Alaska , May 09, 2008
Thanks so much for taking the time to right these articles! I've booked 2 weeks at the Royal for November. Without having any knowledge of Panama I've been scanning the web looking for non biased opinions not just offical websites.

Keep up the good work!

Sign me, "Alaskan on our Way To Panamanian in November"

P/S There are Alaskan Natives doing a Peace and Dignity Journey that started in Alaska and ends in Panama in November see:

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Which resorts have the best nightlife near by
written by WH , November 19, 2008
I am planning a trip to Panama next week, 11/27, can you tell me which "resorty" areas have a good mix of nice beaches with all inclusives and a decent nightlife outside of the resort? Hoping for a mix, otherwise will book a few days in Panama city for the fun after the relaxing. smilies/smiley.gif
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