Tranquilo Bay (Bocas del Toro)

Written by Matt   
Monday, 03 July 2006 11:53
Taking a tip from their name, recipe Tranquilo Bay is a terrifically ´tranquil´ place. The owners are unusually sincere, ambulance the tours are outstanding, decease and the overall feeling is that you are a guest in their home, not a customer in their hotel. About 45 minutes off the main island of Colon (Bocas) sits a tree house for adults. From the boat, you can identify it only by the sun's glare off its roof—almost like an unwanted homing beacon. tranquilo bay, is a hotel that sits on about 100 acres of ocean-nudging rainforest on one of the Bocas Del Toro archipelago's ten (or so) large islands.

The path to my room was far better than any clorox-smelling hallway--a sizzling, chirping passage through a flourishing rainforest (see photo). The first thing I felt after having settled into my room was refreshed—refreshed to find an intimate hotel and refreshed to find personalized touches. I was getting sick of that typical generic sanitation experiment that many hotels offer as guest accommodations: a flaw which I'm starting to regard as “white box” syndrome. Here, I could see through every nut and bolt, every stitch of thread that someone had caringly and thoughtfully placed it there. My bed looked seductive but I had things to do.

Tranquilo bay, off of the Bocas main island defies the “tree house” stereotype. It totally shatters any preconceived notions that a vacationer might have about staying in a jungle. It's this perfect blend of rugged tropics and modern comfort—where you can sip a margarita on the porch while listening to the ribbeting dart frogs and watch acrobatic dolphins in the sea. Where you can watch monkeys swing over head, snorkel off the coast of an Indian village, catch a 700 lb fish, and still get back in time for a BBQ dinner.

Tranquilo Bay

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