The Bristol Hotel Review in Panama City

Written by Madeline Schuler   
Wednesday, 03 September 2008 01:00
My husband and I have a passion for traveling. I'm grateful we had the chance to visit Panama City. For us, sovaldi sale in choosing a hotel, the location is the most critical aspect. We also wanted a boutique hotel because we wanted a distinctive theme as opposed to just any generic Panama hotel. After few researches we decided to stay at the Bristol. This is one of the best, relatively small, boutique hotels in Panama City. With such a perfect central location, the hotel is an ideal base from which to explore the city's sights. It is just minutes away from city's leading restaurants, nightclubs, and stores: and if you want to do something outside of walking distance, I'm betting the hotel can set you up.

The hotel room we took was clean, very comfortable, and with adequate size. It was also soundproofed so you'll surely get a good sleep, unlike some other nearby hotels in which the sounds of Panama find their way into the room. The king size bed is perfect with outstanding bedclothes and linens. I admired the carpeted floors, elegant decorations and also the lighting inside the room which was exceptional. The room exudes elegance. I just wished the windows were not sealed so we could have opened them up at night: however, I don't want to be too critical.

The marble-tiled bathroom was spacious with a separate nice sunken tub and shower. It is not that luxurious but overall it is modern and, it is beautiful. Compared to something like the Four Seasons, it's not tremendous, but for Panama City, far and away the most tasteful and attention-to-detail bathroom I've come across.

My husband loves fruits. Gladly, we receive a plate of fresh fruits upon check-in, well almost everyday. We don't know if they do this for everyone or what, but it was wondeful to be treted like fruit royalty. The hotel's restaurant offers exquisite cuisine. The food was fantastic especially during dinner (and it was inexpensive too). Sumptuous and satisfying dining is assured in a cool ambiance which was also populated with locals (a good sign that it wasn't just stupid tourists like us there).

The staff are stylish and formal. We were not too impressed with them because there attitude is highly varying. Some are accommodating and enthusiastic others are, well, not. It's a small disappointment and it is really important employees deliver superior service through their positive attitude. For the most part, we were happy, though there were a few bad apples who should be put through the machine that makes apple the back.

Rooms have the basic amenities such us TV, internet access, and voicemail, and ours even had a fax machine with our own private number! It's a bit of frustration for we have to wait for our turn to check our e-mails because they are only few computers provided for their guests. I would suggest checking you're phone and internet charges before you leave, for they are bit pricy. Another drawback is the lack of swimming pool: What's up with that?!? If you're looking for a great pool scene you'll be disappointed. An on site fitness studio is availabl however: The gym is quite small with moderate number of modern equipment. If you're looking for more then you should must seek recreation beyond the hotel doors.

Although the hotel lobby is also small, the chairs are comfortable. This hotel has only few faults and I tend to pick at them with guilt. In general, I enjoyed my stay in Bristol hotel very much and would reccommend it to a friend in a heartbeat.

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