Pollo Pelao: Panama Food

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Tuesday, 18 July 2006 16:22
Would I go back again? Hella (Location: Via Espana) FOOD: xxx SERVICE: xxx AMBIENCE: xx PRICE:$$ OVERALL:xxx

Mmmm, ceviche con camarones (basically, its like a salsa that you eat with crackers, and I ordered it with shrimp), that sounds good. I have to say though, my ceviche con camarones was quite small and I even let out a chuckle when I saw the size, but it was well worth it. Justin ordered an Atlas in a cup that was $.50, which made me feel better. They had a bunch of different chicken, steak, and fish dishes. You could either order to go, or eat there with waitresses at your beck and call in a huge outdoor dining area with covered seating.

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