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My Fawning Love Letter to Panama

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Written by Casey Halloran   
Saturday, 05 May 2007 20:35

Dearest Panama, buy


At first I was fearful it was to be a short affair, one fueled by physical attraction and the cockeyed passion of a jilted lover on the rebound. ‘Tis true I was scorned by another (her name: Costa Rica). But years on, I find myself still frighteningly bound by your grip, unable to even ponder another. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways:

You're Not Boring – I have the attention span of a mongrel mutt. But Panama, you fascinate me. So much to do, so many new things to discover. From the Canal to Casco Viejo, Panama City is a city that could take years to explore. The countryside is a virtual unknown that I'm sure will require even longer to master. I want to know all about you.


You Still Invoke That “Honeymoon” Newness – Because so much of the world is just getting to know Panama, there's an incredible sense of being a part of a “happening” here in Panama, like we are around some starlet just before she's going to make it big.


You're A Go Getter – You're not some slow moving banana republic. Sure there are times when your less refined traits bubble to the surface, but by and large you are a shaker and a mover. Money flows around you act on ideas. No other Latin country is growing at the rate you are and I just know you have even greater potential.


You Know Your Finances – Who wants to date a deadbeat? Panama, you KNOW money. You lend, spend and borrow like a real first world nation. You even gave me money to buy my first home! Gracias.


Girl, You've Got Brains – As opposed to some other countries, Panama is extremely well educated and frighteningly so at the higher levels.


So Refined! – You're cultured. The music, theatre, fine dining. Frank would say, “you're one classy broad.” And although you're worldly, you are still very much YOU.


In The Middle Of Things – You have become a center for Latin and East-West trade. Players from all over the world are focusing on YOU. You're just so magnetic!


A Tale Of Juxtapositions – Just when I think I've got you pegged, you throw another curve. You've got such an intoxicating mix of old and new, Caribbean and Spanish, Asian and South American, Indigenous and even Jewish. I love your modern high rises as much as the grass huts. With what other gal can I enjoy a $.50 beer or a $200 dinner?


An Interesting Past – The old history, the new history. All your tales are just so damned interesting, I could listen to you talk about yourself for hours!


So Panama, I hope you'll have me...because I'm stuck on you.



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