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Changes in Flights to Pedasi, Panama

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Written by Jesse Levin   
Tuesday, 14 October 2008 08:35
Flights to PedasiIt's been rumored for at least three years that a new "international airport" was going to built in Pedasi, thumb Panama. The current airstrip is on a private farm and has been sold. As part of the transaction, the purchasers of the old airstrip, Pinnacle Properties, agreed with the government to finance and facilitate the construction of a new strip. Currently a 1.2 kilometer road is being cut from behind the school in Pedasi out into the surrounding pasture where a 1,000 meter strip will be laid (hardly long enough to be international). The time line for the entire project which includes: the remainder of cutting of the road (almost complete); paving; the construction of the strip; and the placing of electricity is 8 months according to the engineers in charge. The implications of this project, besides the fact that I will have a new road and much desired electricity at my house, is the ability for lager charter flights to land in Pedasi. It is rumored that a consortium of international investors are working to extend the runway by another few hundred meters to enable the landing and takeoff of small business jets.

Domestic flights out of Albrook to Pedasi have been suspended since the start of the rainy season, and are scheduled to resume in November. While flying domestically on one of Air Panama's smaller fleet planes is beyond terrifying, I still prefer cranking the seat belt tightly and riding in the breezy cabin with dangling wires then making the trek in my truck. Those with more luxurious vehicles that have working suspension and working windshield wipers usually prefer to drive.

The point being with the exception of a few times during the height of the dry seasons over the past two years I have rarely seen full flights. The demand for airfare to Pedasi at the start of the dry season this year will be an interesting tell tale as to how the investment environment is fairing.

Kudos to those who purchased land on the periphery of the town behind Naranjal as property values will spike as a result of the improved access and presence of electricity. I think it will be sometime before the noise of air traffic will become a real nuisance.

Jesse Levin is our resident Pedasi expert who spends most of his time in the province of Los Santos researching real estate and travel trends.

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new owner
written by Allison Dowdy , September 30, 2009
As a new owner of a beautiful villa in Pedasi, I would love to see at least once a week flights to Pedasi from Panama and vice-versa. With the over 150 new homes being built in Pedasi, all bought by foreigners like me, it would be nice to have faster access to the city for shopping facilities. Don't take this area likely, it's growing very nicely.
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